Who are we?

We are a group of Trainee Clinical Psychologists from University College London who wanted to draw together all of the amazing self-help information and resources that are out there and make them accessible for people who are struggling in this time. We started as a facebook group called 'Coping With Coronavirus' and drew up a few self-help resources based psychological practice, but that were accessible to anyone and specific to the issues we are facing around the coronavirus pandemic. A few people got in touch to say that family and friends would really benefit from the resources but aren't on facebook, so we decided to launch the website!

Why did we set this page up?

We are aware that for people with pre-existing mental health difficulties, this will be a very challenging time and they may benefit from some additional resources. However, we are also aware that many people will, as a result of the ongoing pandemic and related restrictions on our lifestyles, develop mental health difficulties for the first time. We wanted to ensure that resources are out there and available for everyone, whether you are thinking that you want to make use of this extra time on your own to improve your mental health, whether you are struggling with your mental health at this time, or whether you have ongoing mental health difficulties.

How can we contact you with questions or ideas?

You can contact us via:

                      Email: contact@copingwithcoronavirus.co.uk

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We want to thank

  • All the creators of the resources on our signposting page and the developers and reserachers behind the therapy models that our self-help guides are based on.

  • Friends and family who have supported with the tech side of things!

  • University College London (DClinPsy Course Staff) for supporting the project

Thank you for visiting - and please do share these resources. The impact of coronavirus on global mental health will be big and long-lasting. However, the earlier we start talking about it and accessing and using the resources out there the better we can manage the problem and support each other.

This Coronavirus Resource has been created to offer guidance and support to people struggling to cope with the psychological impact of the pandemic.

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